HP Platinum Club HP Platinum Club

For Honour and Glory!

Or maybe just bragging rights within the HP Platinum Club powered by Intel. Same thing, right?

Welcome to the HP Platinum Club Cup powered by Intel where members battle it out in a game chosen by you and have some fun along the way!

The upcoming HP Platinum Club Cup powered by Intel featured game is: Apex Legends.

Whether you're a gaming vet grinding for that next rank or diving into organised team play for the first time, there's a drop zone for you!

So gear up, get your squad together and register below before 18th February.


23 FEBRUARY 2021

Tournament Schedule

All the Apex Legends action will take place on the 23rd of February 2022!

Here is how the night will play out!

7:30pm Check In Begins
7:50pm Check In Closes
7:55pm Game 1 Lobby Created
8:00pm Game 1 Starts
8:40pm Game 2 Starts
9:20pm Game 3 Starts
10:00pm Night Concludes

All Times in AEDT*


How to play:

  1. At the start of the night Admins will send out the tournament code via Discord
  2. Copy the tournament code from Discord
  3. In game you must then enter "Select a game mode".
  4. Click the Tournament Match option in the top right and enter the code to join the lobby.
  5. Wait until the match starts and play.
  6. After each map the admins will confirm the end of game scores and prepare for the next game

Tournament Details:


1st place12 Points
2nd place9 Points
3rd place7 Points
4th place5 Points
5th place4 Points
6th-7th place3 Points
8th-10th place2 Points
11th-15th place1 Points
16th-20th place0 Points

Each Kill is worth

1 Point

*Prizes only eligible for Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi staff signed up to Platinum Club

*Eligibility based on Retailer confirmation of employed status

For new staff signing up to Platinum Club from Harvey Norman or JB Hi-Fi please follow the link to register - https://www.hpplatinumclub.com.au/login/



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